'Numbers game' will limit any Bears’ draft trade-down

'Numbers game' will limit any Bears’ draft trade-down
May 1, 2014, 2:15 pm
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Bears GM Phil Emery made it clear earlier this offseason that the Bears were open to offers for their pick at No. 14 in the 2014 draft. He said on Thursday that he already has gotten calls from teams exploring the market, and adding picks is always a desired objective in any draft.

But there are clear limits to how far the Bears would be willing to move down in the draft. The rough “math” at this point suggests that it is unlikely to be more than two or three positions.


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Emery said that the Bears currently have six players they consider good enough for and within realistic reach of the 14th pick. Theoretically, if those six players – which include safeties Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix and Calvin Pryor – are available when the Bears’ turn comes, the Bears could slide down five slots and be sure of getting one of their targeted players.

“You can't allow for much breathing space in that list,” Emery said. “It really has to be very close to the number of picks that you're moving down.”

But therein lies the risk:

Emery also said he would be happy if two of his six players were still on the board at No. 14, “and I’d be ecstatic if three out of the six were on the board at our pick.”

Meaning: The Bears are unlikely to entertain dropping more than three picks in any deal, and it may be no more than two when the calls start coming next Thursday during the draft’s first round.

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“To go down, just say in theory you go down six picks, that means you have to count your pick you're giving up is one, and if you're going to pick six picks later, you have to have six players on the board that have that graded value that you're comfortable taking,” Emery said. “So you have to come up with six players that I would take any one of those six and you will rank order them and you may end up with that last one on the list but that last one you'd better want or you shouldn't trade.

“If you don't have that number of players you feel good about, you shouldn't trade.”