Peppers sicker vs. Vikings than last week

Peppers sicker vs. Vikings than last week
September 16, 2013, 2:30 pm
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Julius Peppers missed significant time in training camp and preseason with a hamstring strain and was set back last week when he came down with a “flu’ish” illness enough to be sent home to keep him from infecting teammates. Peppers, however, was far from over his malady by the time the Bears faced the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

Coach Marc Trestman said on Monday that the All-Pro defensive end was sicker on Sunday vs. the Minnesota Vikings than even last week and that he was not concerned about Peppers going a second game without a sack or registering major impact.

"He was not healthy yesterday,” Trestman said. “He was probably sicker yesterday than he was the previous two days."

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Trestman acknowledged that the pass rush is not where it is expected to be but pointed to the wet field on Sunday as a factor in making it difficult to mount a consistent rush on Minnesota quarterback Christian Ponder.

He said that the Bears were “close” to Ponder but that they lost containment on occasion and "yesterday, it was difficult to tell [because of the field conditions]."