Peterson's experience with ankle sprain won’t encourage Cutler

Peterson's experience with ankle sprain won’t encourage Cutler
November 27, 2013, 1:00 pm
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Adrian Peterson has a unique connection with major Chicago sports injuries. He suffered a season-ending knee injury involving a torn ACL, in the general genre of Derrick Rose’s first season-ender, and he returned to be the NFL’s MVP the following season, compared to Rose’s considerably slower comeback.

And the Minnesota Vikings running back has felt the pain of a high-ankle sprain, which currently has quarterback Jay Cutler out for a yet-undetermined time.

The exact severity of Cutler’s sprain has not been revealed and it is not expected to keep him out as long as Peterson’s did when he suffered it while at Oklahoma.

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“I missed [something] like seven weeks with a high-ankle sprain,” Peterson recalled on Wednesday.

Peterson described his sprain as “grade three,” the most severe. Cutler has projected a return for the Dec. 9 MNF game vs. the Dallas Cowboys, which would put his down time at four games.

“I’m sure they [did not] give him a Grade 3 because he would not be playing,” Peterson said.

“I’ll tell you this: I’ve had a couple injuries and some surgeries, and that high-ankle sprain, it’s nothing to play with… . I broke my collarbone, my ACL – as far as the ACL, the first couple days, and that was just like fresh out of surgery, that’s probably the most pain I’ve experienced outside of that high-ankle sprain. But on a persistent basis for six, seven weeks, it doesn’t get any worse than a high-ankle sprain.”