Stuckmeyer to Chicago fans: Stay excited, but be realistic

Stuckmeyer to Chicago fans: Stay excited, but be realistic
August 24, 2013, 6:15 pm
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Captain Killjoy reporting for duty.

The Chicago sports scene is about to begin its' busiest time of the year. I just want to make sure we are all on the same page and thinking rationally. Optimistic and excited is a wonderful way to start the school year, but let's remember to be realistic at the same time.

Let's begin with the Bears. Few teams in the Windy City bring greater peaks and valleys on the roller coaster of emotions. Jay Cutler starts three practices with an interception and it's time to start scouting ways to get Kirk Cousins. Two weeks later, Cutler and the Bears carve up the lowly Raiders in a preseason game and it's Super Bowl or bust! The most likely scenario for the Bears is somewhere in between. In fact, we probably won't really know until sometime in October. The Bears opened last season by piling up 41 points and 428 yards. The next week, reality set in against the Packers. Lesson learned. Bear down, just don't bury you head in the Soldier Field sod.

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Buzzkill Bob at your service.

Chicago baseball is having a rough summer. In many cases, the future is becoming a bigger story than the present. It seems like both teams have a plan to turn things around. Let's just remember that prospects are just that ... prospects. Avisail Garcia, Javier Baez and Jorge Soler have great talent and tremendous upsides. Wonderful, remember Joe Borchard? How about Brian Anderson, Felix Pie or Corey Patterson? I don't have a percentage on prospects that turn into stars, but it's not pretty. I believe both teams have a good game plan, but nothing is guaranteed in baseball.

Wally Whiner here.

The Bulls and Blackhawks are ready to opening training camp soon. D-Rose is back, and the Bulls are going to take out LeBron and the Heat. The Blackhawks are going to win back-to-back Stanley Cups. It will be the first dual-parade to Grant Park in Chicago history! It would be glorious, but let's set the bar of expectations closer to 95 percent instead of 110 percent.

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In the last 20 years, the Red Wings are the only NHL team to win consecutive championships. The Blackhawks should be really good, but it's not easy. Speaking of not easy, beating the Heat is a tall task. Sure, Miami has flaws. The Spurs woulda, coulda and shoulda. Let's give the Bulls some time to get back into sync with Derrick Rose. Even that might not be enough.

OK, now that you've met my boring friends, keep the faith. What do they know anyway? They're probably from Wisconsin.