Talent-rich WR class could be Bears’ best friend

Talent-rich WR class could be Bears’ best friend
May 5, 2014, 8:45 am
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General manager Phil Emery said last week that he expects two quarterbacks to be taken in the 13 picks ahead of the Bears, who don’t want a quarterback after doing Jay Cutler’s new contract. Those project to be Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles of UCF. When you aren’t in the market for a position, the more of those selected before you, the better.

More than the quarterbacks, however, the rich class of wide receivers may be the key for the Bears managing to land Louisville safety Calvin Pryor, believed to be their No. 1 target.

The Bears with Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall to go with Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte are not in the market for a receiver, meaning they would be more than happy if three went in the 13 picks ahead of them; indeed, some projections have as many as nine wide receivers going in the first round.

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With the Bears not looking to select any position on offense in the first round, the more offensive talent at the top of the round, the better.

“This an offensive-orientated draft in terms of the talent level,” Emery said, “and the depth of the talent, it’s more on offense than it is on defense.”

As far as quarterbacks, Manziel has been projected to Cleveland at No. 4. But the Browns and Bears were the only two teams that did not attend Manziel’s pro day at Texas A&M. If he falls, Bortles perhaps is pushed down. Minnesota at No. 8 is looking for a quarterback but the Vikings also thought enough of Matt Cassel to invest in a new contract for him this offseason.