Tillman tackle proves costly

Tillman tackle proves costly
September 17, 2013, 11:15 pm
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The Bears may be tied for worst in the NFL at stopping third-down conversions but they are being nice about it. In the NFC only the Carolina Panthers (seven) have been penalized fewer than the Bears’ eight times.

The correlation between “W’s” and walkoffs is suspect, however. The Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers (seven) and Minnesota Vikings (eight) are all 0-2. The Indianapolis Colts (six) are 1-1 and New England is 2-0.

Notably perhaps, two of the Bears’ penalties against Minnesota were for too many men on the field in a kicking situation, one of which the Bears are seeking an explanation for after officials gave an apparent premature OK for a Vikings punt snap.

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And one was a horse-collar tackle by Charles Tillman of Minnesota wide receiver Greg Jennings in last Sunday’s fourth quarter. Horse-collar tackles are accompanied by fines, with the NFL fine schedule calling for a minimum assessment of $15,750, as Dallas tackle Tryon Smith was charged for his against the New York Giants.

Tillman confirmed his notice of fine Tuesday on “The Lance Briggs Show” on Comcast SportsNet.

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Tillman, however, was fortunate that his letter from the NFL carried only that price tag. Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall was hit for $20,000 over horse-collars last year and this.

Tillman’s fine could have been the higher amount in part because it is not his first horse-collar violation.

He was fined $7,500 for one of Detroit’s Jahvid Best in 2011, $7,500 for one of Minnesota’s Bernard Berrian in 2008 and $7,500 for another in against Minnesota wideout Robert Ferguson in 2007.