Trestman praise for OL, defense of Bush confusing

Trestman praise for OL, defense of Bush confusing
November 25, 2013, 4:00 pm
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Marc Trestman took issue Monday with thoughts that running back Michael Bush is not an effective option and in fact seemed puzzled at questions over Bush’s performance in those critical situations.

“I don’t know where this is all coming from overall,” Trestman said of Bush talk, citing blocking, angles and other factors.

And he was not entertaining implications that his offensive line was a problem in Sunday’s 42-21 loss to the St. Louis Rams. Stats analysts at assessed the play of Jermon Bushrod and Jordan Mills, blocking against Rams ends Robert Quinn and Chris Long, as among the worst of any tackles this season but Trestman demurred.

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“Number one, our offensive line played an outstanding football game,” Trestman said. “No doubt about it. Bushrod and Mills on the edges did an excellent job of running these guys by.”

Trestman’s case rests on the fact that Quinn had the Rams’ only sack and that came late when the game was well decided and the Bears reduced to all-pass.

But it is difficult to reconcile Trestman defending the offensive line’s play, yet using it as part of spreading out blame for Michael Bush’s failures: “There’s blocking, there’s angles, there’s double teams,” he said of in support of Bush. “There’s a lot involved.”

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Trestman pointed to production from Bush (seven carries, 25 yards) against the Green Bay Packers. Since then, however, Bush has carried 11 times for a total of zero yards.

Bush failed to gain a yard on a fourth-down try in the loss to the Detroit Lions. He carried three times for a total of five yards against Baltimore. And against the Rams, his seven runs were for a minus-5 yards total.

“I think when we’re all working together,” Trestman insisted, “Michael Bush is a very physical and can be a dynamic player and if we didn’t see it early in the season I think we all saw it in the Green Bay game the last four minutes. He ran over people and was very, very physical. We didn’t get it done, but it wasn’t just Michael who didn’t get it done. We didn’t get it done as an offense.”