'Undefeated' Bears don’t impress undefeated Bears

'Undefeated' Bears don’t impress undefeated Bears
September 28, 2013, 8:15 pm
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Lance Briggs has been here before. 3-0 in 2010 ... NFC Championship game. 3-0 in 2006 ... Super Bowl.

Yet the veteran linebacker and the Bears from coach Marc Trestman on down are singularly unimpressed with themselves as they head to Detroit to face the Lions on Sunday.

“Well, 2006 season we ended up playing in the Super Bowl,” Briggs said, matter-of-factly. “(In) 2013 right now we're 3-0. We have a long way to go before we can even clinch the playoffs.

“It’s just three wins. Three wins aren’t going to get you into the playoffs, so for us, we need to keep etching away. This is a divisional opponent, and when you play a divisional opponent, it’s a chance to separate yourself and get as big a jump on anybody in your division as you possibly can.”

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Trestman has brought in a philosophy of treating every game as if it were the first of the season (“We’re not 3-0; we’re 0-0”) and as if it were the most important game of the season. Tiebreakers for postseason notwithstanding, Detroit is no more important than Pittsburgh is no more important than Minnesota is no more ... and so on.

Certain elements of the fan base and even the McCaskeys might bridle at the notion that a meeting with the Green Bay Packers is not a rivalry game. But if the Bears are 7-0 when they go to Green Bay on Monday, Nov. 4, best guess is that Trestman can say whatever he wants about whatever game is at hand.