Visiting with PFT: Where and what exactly are the Bears right now?

Visiting with PFT: Where and what exactly are the Bears right now?
October 10, 2013, 11:45 am
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Always a good time whenever there’s a visit with buddy Mike Florio over at’s “PFT Live!” chatting about Bears-Giants. Mike gets it in so many areas of the sport and he’s a must-read a couple times a day.

But Mike is like more than a few observers in wondering exactly what the Bears are: the team that opened 3-0 or the one that has wobbled 0-2 that past couple of Sundays.

What I told Mike was that this is a team good enough to be in the playoffs; my “10-6 or better” prediction still stands and they are right about where I thought they would be at this point. As far as specifics on game-by-game, I don’t remember, but my sense was that they were more likely to be 4-1 than 2-3.

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But the tipping point now is cleaning up what Jay Cutler is doing within the offense. The familiarity with the new scheme and teammates is one thing, and there is a learning curve, even for an eight-year veteran.

Where this goes from here, however, depends in no small measure on things having little to do with “scheme.” Cutler holding the ball too low, holding it too long as he did in Detroit, making some of the elementary technique stumbles that he got by with in the past.

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Gut feeling: Those things will clean up and this team will be a player in arguably the toughest division in the NFL. I thought there is a good chance that both Wild Card teams come out of the NFC North. Mike went a step further, noting that if Josh Freeman clicks into place for Minnesota, there could be four teams in serious consideration from this division.