Week 10 Bears Grades: Coaching

Week 10 Bears Grades: Coaching
November 10, 2013, 9:15 pm
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The decisions surrounding the quarterback position dominate any evaluation, even though there were myriad other coaching situations, and it is difficult to sort through what is fact and what isn’t.

Coach Marc Trestman acknowledged that he might decide he made a mistake leaving Jay Cutler in the game too long, and Cutler’s second-half performance (9-for-22 passing) points in that direction. Curious was this situation:

— Brandon Marshall stating that he could tell Cutler was having difficulties “below the waist” as early as the Bears’ second possession;

— Trestman and Cutler said that the groin injury was not an issue, that the problem was an injured left ankle;

— But the ankle injury, per Cutler, did not occur until the second quarter.

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Why that matters is that the nagging question is whether Trestman let Cutler make the decision on whether to stay in the game or not, Trestman saying that he did not want to take Cutler out. Trestman cited the trainers’ involvement in the decision but players remarking on Cutler’s toughness and tenacity creates doubt whether Cutler or Trestman was really making the most important personnel decision of the game. The matter involved extensive discussion on the sidelines, but one guess would be that a decision of such magnitude should not be debated in committee.

“I didn’t want to take him out unless he felt he couldn’t do the job,” Trestman said. That decision on whether a player can do the job should be the province of the head coach, not the player.

The decision to go on fourth-and-1 at the Detroit 27 in the first half was questionable because it squandered a scoring chance in the Detroit end, with not a lot of huge immediate payoff even with a conversion. Trestman indicated it was because even a miss left the Lions with a long field and because the Lions were going to score points.

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Personnel groupings on the two two-point conversion attempts were curious, with the Bears passing out of a “heavy” package that had Alshon Jeffery and Marshall on the sidelines, then running out of a package that had one of the best receiving tandems on the field.

The Bears were caught too often in single coverage on Calvin Johnson, who caught two touchdowns on an overmatched Charles Tillman.

Moon's Grade: F