Week 3 Bears Grades: Special teams

Week 3 Bears Grades: Special teams
December 2, 2013, 3:45 am
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The overriding consideration rests with Robbie Gould’s miss from 47 yards on what would have kept the Bears in the NFC North and playoff discussion at 7-5. The range has been Gould’s weakest for his career but a game-deciding play trumps pretty much everything else.

“I didn’t come through for my teammates in the end,” Gould said.

Gould didn’t get a 66-yard attempt close enough at the end of regulation but that does not factor into the evaluation.

Devin Hester’s 57-yard kickoff return gave the offense a final shot in regulation, which came to nothing when the offense had one of its multiple failures to drive the ball on a defense that was vulnerable.

Gould continues to be a sure thing generally, getting the Bears on the board first from 30 yards and then saving a thwarted drive with a 40-yard FG late in the second quarter.

The Bears continue to self-destruct in the return game, with a holding penalty on Cheta Ozougwu for an illegal block on the opening kickoff.

Adam Podlesh had a punt go out of bounds at the Minnesota 22 in OT, rather than get something inside the 20 when needed. And Podlesh averaged just 33.7 yards net on 7 punts, vs. 42.7 for Vikings punter Jeff Locke, although Podlesh and coverage units get credit for four of seven punts settling inside the Minnesota 20.


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