Were Bears among teams that 'faked' injuries?

Were Bears among teams that 'faked' injuries?
September 4, 2013, 2:15 pm
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CSN Staff

By Charlie Roumeliotis

In lieu of the accusations California football coach Sonny Dykes made towards Northwestern for faking injuries to slow the tempo of the offense on Saturday, former Chicago Bears linebacker and current Fox Sports 1 analyst Brian Urlacher said on Tuesday that faking injuries was actually part of the Bears' gameplan.

"We had a guy who was the designated dive guy," said Urlacher, via the Chicago Sun-Times.

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He said a coach on the sidelines would signal a diving motion with his arms to notify a player to go down in an effort to delay the pace or give a couple guys an extra breather after a long drive.

Urlacher didn't identify which coach instructed that order, but he did say it wasn't coached.

It was evident Saturday night that Dykes appeared to be frustrated with Northwestern's repeated injuries and he voiced his opinion after the game.

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“It affected it a lot,” Dykes said. “It was just unusual. It seemed like every time we got a first down they had an injury. I hadn’t seen that, wasn’t expecting to see that, was disappointed that I saw that. But that’s the way it goes sometimes.”

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald responded: “If anybody were to question the integrity of myself, our program or our players, I question theirs. So that’s all I say. Our guys get dinged up. They get dinged up, they’re instructed to go down. You’ve never walked in and heard me say that ever, have you? I have a hard time with that. But if our guys get dinged up, they’re instructed to go down not hobble off to the sideline."