What’s in a Cutler nickname? Maybe a lot

What’s in a Cutler nickname? Maybe a lot
September 13, 2013, 2:00 pm
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Quarterback Jay Cutler has had his body language scrutinized, analyzed and over-analyzed more than just about any Chicago athlete ever. So it might be good to over-analyze his actual language for a change.

Because sometimes a nickname or form of reference might indicate a comfort level or just good interpersonal vibe.

Cutler has generally referred to his coaches on offense by last names: “Kromer” for offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer, as in, “We’ll see what Phil [Emery] and Kromer and Trestman want to do,” when Cutler last month was discussing how the offensive line might finally settle out.

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Or, “Coach Trestman and Kromer and all of the guys have done a good job…” (Probably a good idea to use “Coach” in front of his boss’ last name – makes a good impression). Former offensive coordinator Mike Tice was often just “Tice.”

Now, contrast that with Cutler talking about his coaches this week:

Cutler spoke appreciatively of the fact, important to every player, not just quarterbacks, that he knew coming in every day that his coaches “did everything possible the night before, the week before, to prepare us for that day, to give us a gameplan that’s going to be successful out there.”

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Then: “There’s no doubt in my mind that Trest and Krom and Cav and Groh and all those guys are going to give us plays that are going to work…”

“Trest?” “Krom?” “Cav?” We'll assume that "Cav" refers to QB coach Matt Cavanaugh and that Cutler has a better nickname than "Cav" for wife Kristin Cavallari. Cavanaugh is after Cutler on a daily basis to fix fundamentals and effect other changes. “Groh” is Mike Groh, the receivers coach, so he’s probably still working his way up to nickname status with “Cutty.” (I made that up)

Cutler probably should be coming up with terms of endearment for mentors who kept him upright and a winner. But more important is the emerging sense of trust that Cutler is having with a new coaching staff.

Some similar things have been said in the past, although no record could be found of Cutler ever referring to Mike Martz as “Martzie” or Ron Turner as “Turns.”

But the manner in which Cutts (I made that up, too) talked about the fact that even in their first actual game together, the new staff did not send in any radical surprises through the quarterback’s headset was revealing. There were no surprises because so much had been worked out in advance.

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“I think every scenario was covered,” Cutler said. “Every third down, every red zone, even the fourth-down call didn’t surprise me at all.

“Trest [there it was again] does a great job of keeping the quarterbacks informed of what he likes, what’s priority calls, what at the end of the week we don’t feel good about and probably won’t get called. Through the course of the game it was pretty clean in my ear.”

Whether the initial idea was Trest’s, Krom’s or Cav’s.