After recruit commits with live gator, what comes next?

After recruit commits with live gator, what comes next?
July 25, 2014, 2:45 pm
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Vinnie Duber

So, an offensive line recruit committed to Florida on Friday.

That's not unusual, but what is unusual is his use of a live baby alligator as a prop.

The best part of that, by the way, is that his cleverness in unveiling the tiny alligator in his hand was totally lost on the crowd, who took some time between him saying "The Swamp" with an alligator in his hand and beginning its applause.

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But, what does all this mean for the future of recruiting, particularly in the Big Ten?

First and foremost, I hope Mark Dantonio makes it a requirement that all future Michigan State commits put on a Spartan helmet — a real helmet, not a football helmet — when announcing their commitment. If there's a Michigan hat, an Ohio State hat and a full-blown Spartan helmet on the table in front of the kid, which school do you think he's going to pick? Similarly, all Illinois recruits must put on Lincoln-esque stovepipe hats instead of baseball hats.

But along the same lines as the kid with the alligator. We need to start seeing live badgers, live wolverines, live gophers, live wildcats and live turtles at all Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Northwestern and Maryland commitment announcements, respectively. Though the badgers and wolverines would be mean and hard to control, the gophers would be the best because they would surely wriggle out of the kids' hands and run around the gym causing all sorts of havoc. And before you even ask, a live lion at Penn State commitment announcements is just unrealistic. Come on, guys. Be serious now.

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Obviously, Purdue commits have to ride in on a train (the smaller, the funnier). Obviously, Nebraska commits have to eat an entire ear of corn while announcing their commitment (the faster, the funnier). Obviously, Rutgers commits need to wear an entire suit of armor to their announcement (the creakier, the funnier).

This all leaves Ohio State leaving a little left out, though, as their namesake is merely a nut. My suggestion: Fill a bowl of them and have the recruits toss a handful of them up in the air, a la LeBron with the chalk. The nuts would then rain down like in the Redd's Apple Ale commercials while they announce they'll be attending Ohio State. What could go wrong?

Any other suggestions?