Big Ten releases conference basketball schedule for 2014-15

Big Ten releases conference basketball schedule for 2014-15
August 21, 2014, 5:45 pm
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Vinnie Duber

The Big Ten basketball schedule is here!

Now, being different than football, there was no mystery as to which teams would be playing which, as everybody plays everybody in hoops. In fact, there aren't even divisions in basketball like there are in football. But this is the first season of the 14-team Big Ten, so it'll be interesting to see who goes where and who has to see the top competition only once.

So, without further ado, the Big Ten basketball schedule for the 2014-15 season.

Dec. 30, 2014

Iowa at Ohio State
Illinois at Michigan
Maryland at Michigan State
Northwestern at Rutgers

Dec. 31

Penn State at Wisconsin
Indiana at Nebraska
Minnesota at Purdue

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Jan. 3, 2015

Illinois at Ohio State
Minnesota at Maryland
Penn State at Rutgers
Michigan at Purdue

Jan. 4

Wisconsin at Northwestern

Jan. 5

Indiana at Michigan State
Nebraska at Iowa

Jan. 6

Ohio State at Minnesota
Michigan at Penn State

Jan. 7

Purdue at Wisconsin
Maryland at Illinois

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Jan. 8

Michigan State at Iowa
Rutgers at Nebraska

Jan. 10

Ohio State at Indiana
Minnesota at Michigan
Maryland at Purdue

Jan. 11

Illinois at Nebraska
Wisconsin at Rutgers
Northwestern at Michigan State

Jan. 13

Michigan at Ohio State
Iowa at Minnesota
Penn State at Indiana

Jan. 14

Rutgers at Maryland
Illinois at Northwestern

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Jan. 15

Nebraska at Wisconsin

Jan. 17

Michigan State at Maryland
Ohio State at Iowa
Purdue at Penn State
Northwestern at Michigan
Rutgers at Minnesota

Jan. 18

Indiana at Illinois

Jan. 20

Iowa at Wisconsin
Michigan at Rutgers
Minnesota at Nebraska

Jan. 21

Purdue at Illinois
Penn State at Michigan State

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Jan. 22

Ohio State at Northwestern
Maryland at Indiana

Jan. 24

Wisconsin at Michigan
Michigan State at Nebraska
Iowa at Purdue
Illinois at Minnesota
Rutgers at Penn State

Jan. 25

Indiana at Ohio State
Northwestern at Maryland

Jan. 27

Nebraska at Michigan
Michigan State at Rutgers

Jan. 28

Indiana at Purdue
Minnesota at Penn State

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Jan. 29

Maryland at Ohio State

Jan. 31

Wisconsin at Iowa
Rutgers at Indiana
Purdue at Northwestern
Nebraska at Minnesota
Penn State at Illinois

Feb. 1

Michigan at Michigan State

Feb. 3

Indiana at Wisconsin
Rutgers at Illinois
Northwestern at Nebraska

Feb. 4

Ohio State at Purdue
Penn State at Maryland

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Feb. 5

Iowa at Michigan

Feb. 7

Nebraska at Penn State
Illinois at Michigan State
Purdue at Minnesota
Northwestern at Wisconsin

Feb. 8

Ohio State at Rutgers
Michigan at Indiana
Maryland at Iowa

Feb. 10

Wisconsin at Nebraska
Michigan State at Northwestern

Feb. 11

Penn State at Ohio State
Indiana at Maryland

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Feb. 12

Michigan at Illinois
Purdue at Rutgers
Minnesota at Iowa

Feb. 14

Ohio State at Michigan State
Maryland at Penn State

Feb. 15

Iowa at Northwestern
Illinois at Wisconsin
Minnesota at Indiana
Nebraska at Purdue

Feb. 17

Michigan State at Michigan

Feb. 18

Wisconsin at Penn State
Northwestern at Minnesota

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Feb. 19

Purdue at Indiana
Nebraska at Maryland
Rutgers at Iowa

Feb. 21

Minnesota at Wisconsin
Penn State at Northwestern

Feb. 22

Ohio State at Michigan
Indiana at Rutgers
Iowa at Nebraska
Michigan State at Illinois

Feb. 24

Wisconsin at Maryland

Feb. 25

Indiana at Northwestern
Illinois at Iowa

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Feb. 26

Nebraska at Ohio State
Rutgers at Purdue
Minnesota at Michigan State

Feb. 28

Michigan at Maryland
Iowa at Penn State
Northwestern at Illinois

March 1

Michigan State at Wisconsin
Purdue at Ohio State

March 3

Iowa at Indiana
Michigan at Northwestern
Maryland at Rutgers

March 4

Ohio State at Penn State
Purdue at Michigan State
Nebraska at Illinois

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March 5

Wisconsin at Minnesota

March 7

Michigan State at Indiana
Illinois at Purdue
Rutgers at Michigan
Northwestern at Iowa

March 8

Wisconsin at Ohio State
Maryland at Nebraska
Penn State at Minnesota