Could Northwestern union be busted by players themselves?

Could Northwestern union be busted by players themselves?
April 16, 2014, 3:45 pm
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Vinnie Duber

Trevor Siemian has made it no secret: He doesn't want a union at Northwestern.

The quarterback is in the position of being the most high-profile active member of the team, and he's answered truthfully when asked if he thinks the players' ongoing union fight is the right way to go. He doesn't think it is. He's not in favor of it.

And he thinks he's in the majority.

“I speak for myself, but I think there's a good portion of the team that feels the same as me (against unionization),” Siemian said in a report that came out Tuesday.

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Northwestern's players have already been deemed employees. That's the earth-shattering news that came out when the National Labor Relations Board ruled in favor of the College Athletes Players Association, a group helmed by Siemian's predecessor at the quarterback position, former Northwestern QB Kain Colter.

Colter's been running the show thus far, making the public appearances, arguing in favor of the union, testifying, making presentations to former teammates and otherwise serving on the front lines of this fight. But it's the current players who will be voting April 25 on whether they want to form a union. The report points out no players have come out publicly in support of a union, though some have expressed pro-union feelings in private.

Siemian isn't suggesting he speaks for the rest of his teammates. But if he's correct and the majority of the Wildcats aren't in favor of taking the next step, well Colter & Co. won't have to worry about the university or the NCAA busting their union. It'll already be busted by the ones it would directly represent.