Hoosiers' Kevin Wilson criticizes Notre Dame for some reason

Hoosiers' Kevin Wilson criticizes Notre Dame for some reason
August 1, 2014, 10:00 am
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Vinnie Duber

Kevin Wilson had some tough criticism for his kind-of in-state rival, Notre Dame.

Though the Hoosiers and Irish rarely play — they've met once (1991) since 1958 — Wilson feels that Notre Dame is getting off easy by playing just 12 games in a season. Same for the Big 12.

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Wilson is expressing the opinion that because the Big Ten and the ACC and the SEC and the Pac-12 have a title game to determine a conference champ, they're somehow more deserving of consideration for a spot in the new College Football Playoff. That makes little sense, really. Big 12 teams play nine conference games, unlike teams in those other conferences, therefore seeing every team in the league. Notre Dame, meanwhile, always has a challenging schedule featuring plenty of games against power-conference opponents. Good ones.

Of course, another important fact to realize is that Indiana rarely plays more than 12 games in a season, anyway. Though it's possible the Hoosiers could follow up their regular season with an appearance in the Big Ten title game, it hasn't happened yet and appears unlikely to happen any time soon.

Still, if there's any takeaway from this, it's that Indiana and Notre Dame should renew their rivalry. Being in the same state, they really should play more than once in a half century.