Huskers unis are crazy, but not as crazy as Bo Pelini wearing one

Huskers unis are crazy, but not as crazy as Bo Pelini wearing one
August 1, 2014, 9:45 am
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Vinnie Duber

If Bo Pelini were a member of KISS, he would obviously be "The Cat." And though that might seem unrelated to just about everything, the Nebraska head coach now has a costuming department that rivals the legendarily crazy rock band.

The new uniforms were revealed to the team Friday morning by a special "mystery" model: 

Oh, Bo!

Here's a picture of Pelini wearing the wild new Huskers uniform, which the team will wear in their Big Ten opener against Illinois this season.

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Now Friday morning was probably supposed to be about the reveal of the uniforms, and it still kind of was. But it certainly became more about Pelini wearing the new uniforms. Because when was the last time a college football coach wore a full football uniform.

As for those uniforms, they're called the "Red Rising" uniforms, which I'm pretty sure is an old Blackhawks advertising slogan. (Yup, there's Marty Havlat.) And the unis themselves are wacky enough without a 46-year-old man jumping into one. Adidas is out to show Nike and Under Armour they're not the only ones who can come up with some crazy-looking duds. As the name suggests, they are very red. They also have black numbers and a black "N" on the red helmet. It's a drastic departure from the Huskers' extremely traditional red-and-white set, but at least they're not as ridiculous as these ones they wore against Wisconsin a few years back.

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Here's a look at the threads using a model whose body type is more similar to a college football player than Pelini's:

Thoughts? This is what the Illini will be looking at on Sep. 27.