Kain Colter takes Northwestern union fight to 'Daily Show'

Kain Colter takes Northwestern union fight to 'Daily Show'
June 11, 2014, 9:45 am
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Vinnie Duber

Kain Colter has stood in front of the National Labor Relations Board. He's testified on Capitol Hill. Tuesday night, he was on another grand political stage: "The Daily Show."

Yes, the former Northwestern quarterback was interviewed by "The Daily Show"'s Jordan Klepper  as part of a story focusing on Colter's fight to bring a union to college football.

As with most "Daily Show" pieces such as this one, it was very funny, but the interviewees had their opinions cut down to razor-thin sound bites. Still, Colter played a featured role, as the show's frequently used method of juxtapositional humor illustrated how solid his argument really is.

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In one bit, Klepper listed off all the things that define an employee as Colter shot back acknowledging all the criteria applies to college football players. Later, an opponent of unionization in all forms argued against a union in college football, despite seeming to have little knowledge of this particular issue. Of course, it's possible editing could have helped with that, though her suggestion that a union would somehow force college football players to have in-game smoke breaks was somewhat ludicrous.

Those who watch "The Daily Show" on a regular basis will know that Jon Stewart & Co. have been frequently addressing the monetary issues in college athletics of late.

Here's the whole piece. Watch if for no other reason than to see Colter hold a vice grip on a football as Klepper tries to punch it out. That was pretty funny.