Kyle Flood has a helicopter, and James Franklin would like one also

Kyle Flood has a helicopter, and James Franklin would like one also
August 11, 2014, 2:30 pm
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Vinnie Duber

Kyle Flood and James Franklin are not the stars of action movies. Let's make that very clear.

But if the Big Ten ever wants to produce a film in the style of the "Expendables" movies starring its head coaches, we know which ones will be piloting the helicopters.

Flood caused some social-media buzz a while back when he showed up to a media day at ESPN in a helicopter. Yes, a helicopter. ESPN's Brian Bennett got the lowdown.

"In our area in the Northeast, you can get stuck in a traffic jam for three or four hours," the Rutgers head coach told ESPN. "This lets you get to schools quickly and and hit a bunch of places in a few hours (while recruiting)."

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And, well, it turns out that Flood might not be the conference's lone chopper pilot for long. According to the same story, Penn State's James Franklin is also trying to get the school to give him a helicopter for recruiting purposes.

"I think when you're near highly populated areas or you're trying to get from one place to another that maybe isn’t really long enough to fly a plane, it's a good idea," Franklin said in the story. "We used to use it in Baltimore and D.C. when I was at Maryland. You're only allowed out (recruiting) a certain amount of days, and you've got to get the most bang for your buck. When you can land on the soccer field and just run across, that’s really valuable."

Land on the soccer field and run across? Presumably while special-effect explosions are going off in the background? Maybe while some Motley Crüe plays? Awesome.

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This type of Bruce Willis-inspired recruiting technique isn't necessarily new to the conference, as Bennett points out former Minnesota head coach Tim Brewster used to fly around in a helicopter.

The Gophers don't do it anymore, but maybe they should. Because as Flood and Franklin are proving, helicopters are awesome.