Northwestern to don wild 'By the Player' uniforms vs. Illini

Northwestern to don wild 'By the Player' uniforms vs. Illini
January 10, 2014, 10:15 am
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Vinnie Duber

Remember those crazy and controversial patriotic uniforms Northwestern wore during football season?

Well, the Wildcats and their uniform supplier, Under Armour, are at it again.

The latest eye-popping duds are called the "By the Player" uniforms, and the Cats will wear them on the basketball court Sunday vs. in-state rival Illinois.

The shorts and part of the jerseys are littered with meaningful phrases and images told to uniform designers by the Wildcats themselves. Among the items listed in Northwestern's press release are the John Hancock Center, the Chicago skyline, pictures of pregame meals and some of Chris Collins' coaching mantras. There's even part of the uniforms inspired by the Bulls' uniforms.

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A closer look at the photo gallery reveals images of a clock, an umbrella, a T-bone steak, a barbecue grill, headphones, a chili pepper, a video game controller and a sign for the North Avenue Beach.

And, like those patriotic uniforms worn by the football team, these ones are gray. Unlike those football unis, however, there doesn't appear there'll be a need for an apology from the school.