The time Chris Collins made fans boo Bulls at Chicago Stadium

The time Chris Collins made fans boo Bulls at Chicago Stadium
August 13, 2014, 9:45 am
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Vinnie Duber

What could make Chicago fans boo the Bulls?

The answer is a middle-school-aged Chris Collins.

The Northwestern head coach regaled fellow Wildcats program-leader Pat Fitzgerald with quite the tale in the latest episode of the NU web series "Coaches In Cars." Collins took Fitz and the viewers back to the days when his father, Doug, was the head coach of the Bulls.

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Here's what happened:

"I was the kid, before the high-tech stuff, at the old Chicago Stadium where I sat under the basket and had a towel, so when guys fell I had to sprint out and wipe it up real quick before the action.

"I always loved being on the stage and that kind of stuff, so when the teams would go in to go in and talk to the coaches for the last warm-up, there would be like a 10-, 15-minute buffer and they would let me and the other ball boys go out there and start cranking 'em up. If I got going a bit, I'd be hamming it up and the crowd would start cheering. I actually remember one playoff game when they were playing the Pistons, I got going from 3. I'm like 13, 14, and I'm just cranking 'em from the hip. I made seven or eight NBA 3's in a row, and now the fans are seeing what's going on and they're getting going.

"The teams came up to warm up, and I'll never forget, the crowd started booing because they wanted me to keep shooting. That was one of my favorite memories."

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Check out the whole episode in the video below: