Dog's visits to Sharp's lawn lead to Blackhawks' victories

Dog's visits to Sharp's lawn lead to Blackhawks' victories
May 30, 2013, 9:45 am
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Nina Falcone

Some guys eat specific meals before games or listen to a particular song. Others take a nap at the same time each game day or insist on kicking around a soccer ball before lacing up their skates. And all -- well, at least those who can grow one -- know better than to shave their beards during postseason play.

Superstitions run wild in the hockey world. From players to fans, everyone seems to have their own ritual before a game. Including this dog.

Meet Ivy, who's clearly exhausted from giving the Blackhawks their 2-1 Game 7 win over the Red Wings on Wednesday. Just how did she do that, you may ask? By relieving herself on Patrick Sharp's lawn prior to game time.

Yep, Ivy and her owner Shannon live in the same neighborhood as Sharp, and it just so happens that when the pup leaves a surprise on No. 10's lawn, the Blackhawks win. Really. But don't worry, in an interview with the Eric and Kathy Morning Show, Shannon made sure to add she always cleans up the little surprise. 

Ivy's job is not about to get any easier as the Blackhawks prepare to face the Kings in the Western Conference final, but if there's anyone who can get the job done, it's her. On Saturday, Ivy's quest continues to not only be man's best friend, but also the Blackhawks' best friend. Especially Sharp's.