Puck Daddy's Wyshynski: Hawks 'shell-shocked'

Puck Daddy's Wyshynski: Hawks 'shell-shocked'

June 18, 2013, 11:00 pm
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CSN Staff

Puck Daddy's Greg Wyshynski joined CSN's Chris Boden to break down the Blackhawks' recent struggles on the eve of Game 4, and offered this bit of analysis (and more in the video above):

"I think they're shell-shocked, nothing's gone right," he said. "They're doing what you expect them to do, which is put on a good public face to talk about the things they're not doing that they believe if the did do, they would beat the Bruins. But you get the sense there's a level of frustration there, not only in the sense that they can't do what they set out to accomplish, but in the sense that Tuukka Rask has completely gotten in their heads. Look no further than Game 3 when you had Patrick Kane with an open shot. He didn't take it, he let Rask get into position.

"I think the Bruins are in their heads, and I don't think they have many answers. No reason to be angry, just kind of shell-shocked."

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