Three Blackhawks fans sought revenge on Justin Bieber

Three Blackhawks fans sought revenge on Justin Bieber

July 31, 2013, 1:00 pm
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Remember a few weeks back when Justin Bieber did the unthinkable and stood on the Indian Head in the middle of the Blackhawks locker room when taking a picture of the Cup?

Well, Blackhawks fans got their revenge last weekend at the Convention when they brought a large cardboard cutout of Bieber's face and took pictures of them standing on his face.

Even Tommy Hawk got in on the action! 

The three fans, Chris Wilkerson (black shirt), Mark Wegener (white shirt), and Josh Kaye, who made it their mission to get payback on Bieber, created a Twitter account to document the revenge over the weekend using the handle @StandOnBieber

The boys said in an email to Puck Daddy, “We don't appreciate bandwagoners. When we saw Justin Bieber not only stand on the logo, but touch the Cup as well, we were astonished.”

Unfortunately, security at the convention wouldn't let them take a picture standing on the singing sensation's head in front of the actual Stanley Cup, but made sure to do it everywhere else.

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“While we were at the convention, however, we were denied the opportunity. Security immediately said ‘no’ as soon as we unrolled the Biebs. Discouraged for only a second, we gave our nods to the coveted trophy and walked away,” they wrote. “Then, a second burst! If we can't take it in front of the Cup, we will take it EVERYWHERE else!”

According to the trio, what started out as a joke of revenge, turned into a form of Blackhawks and Chicago pride, adding, “It's all in good fun; we're not hate mongers.”