Uni Watch: Blackhawks jerseys still have 'basic problem'

Uni Watch: Blackhawks jerseys still have 'basic problem'
August 28, 2013, 9:30 am
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Nina Falcone

It's no secret that the Blackhawks take great pride in their team's rich history.

Since joining the NHL in 1926 as an Original Six team, the Blackhawks have had one of the most recognizable and respected logos in sports. Captain Jonathan Toews recently called it "the best sweater [and] best logo in the NHL," and many wouldn't disagree with him. 

But one person who doesn't agree is ESPN's Paul Lukas. 

Lukas recently released his annual uniform power rankings, beginning with the St. Louis Cardinals at No. 1 and the Blackhawks at No. 36 overall.

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Throughout their first 30 seasons of play, the Blackhawks played in a wide range of sweaters, but the red, black and white features have always remained a part of color palatte. Over the years the team has moved from heavily striped uniforms to a more simple look, but the concept has always stayed the same. 

Lukas admits the Blackhawks' previous ranking (No. 49) was the most controversial aspect of last year's release. He claims the white uniforms are "one of the best in the league" but believes a "basic problem still remains" with the organization's red ones:

"The background color on the red uni is so loud that it swallows up all the details and colors in the chest logo. When you have a bright red uni, you need a simple, bold chest logo (like the Devils', say), not a subtle, detailed rendering like Chief Blackhawk."

Here's how Lukas ranked the Top 10 in the NHL:

1. Montreal Canadiens 

2. Boston Bruins

3. Detroit Red Wings

4. New York Rangers

5. Philadelphia Flyers

6. Toronto Maple Leafs

7. Pittsburgh Penguins

8. Chicago Blackhawks

9. Columbus Blue Jackets

10. Minnesota Wild

Here's a look at some Blackhawks sweaters over the years:

The team celebrating as they defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs for the Stanley Cup in 1938. 

Pierre Pilote poses in a new, more simple design released in 1955.

Patrick Kane and Duncan Keith in updated 2007 uniforms.

Throughout the week, CSNChicago.com is taking a look at where each local team ranks. Here's a look at the schedule:

Chicago Bears - Monday, Aug. 26

Chicago Bulls - Tuesday, Aug. 27

Chicago Blackhawks - Wednesday, Aug. 28

Chicago Cubs - Thursday, Aug. 29

Chicago White Sox - Friday, Aug. 30

Do you agree with Uni Watch's assessment? Would you rate the Blackhawks at No. 36? If not, where would you rank them? Let us know in the comment section below.