Unofficial Blackhawks shirts are flying off the shelves

Unofficial Blackhawks shirts are flying off the shelves
August 12, 2013, 4:15 pm
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Nina Falcone

The Blackhawks' championship trend is continuing on Chicago's North Side.

No, this may not be the year for the Cubs, but outside the gates of Wrigley Field stand numerous street vendors who are continuing the Stanley Cup celebration on the streets where a rather wild party erupted back on June 24.

According to Chi City Sports owner Joshua Soich, T-shirt sales have been up 30 percent over the last year thanks to vendors' addition of unofficial Blackhawks attire. As that number continues to rise, we take a look at some of the offseason's best sellers...

Meet Madhouse Kitty. She's been a hot seller, "especially among women."

In a perfect world, she'd also be friends with the Blackhawks ponies, but there's been no word yet on if the two have met.  

A small, yet heavy hitter. We shall call him Andrew Shaw.

This blade clearly needs a good sharpening. But hey, when you're "Chicago tough" you win Stanley Cups on whatever darn blades you're given.

Finally, one that truly speaks to the people. 

These people were "inhawksicated." You were probably "inhawksicated." Heck, we KNOW the people who tried to steal the macaroni statue across from Wrigley Field were definitely "inhawksicated." 

The Chicago bandit. Rumor is he's fighting bad guys and trying to bring the "Madhouse on Madison" sign back to the United Center. But nothing's been confirmed yet.

(Photo credit: Danny Ecker, Crain's)