Andrew Shaw prides himself on being a friendly guy

Andrew Shaw prides himself on being a friendly guy
July 31, 2014, 2:30 pm
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Nina Falcone

The majority of Andrew Shaw's hockey career has been an uphill battle, but that's never slowed him down. In fact, it's just made him work that much harder.

"I was always told I wasn't big enough to play in the NHL," he said at the 2014 Blackhawks Convention, "but I like to piss people off so I proved them wrong."

After being passed up twice in the draft, Shaw was selected by the Blackhawks in the fifth round in 2011. And when the opportunity came knocking, Shaw was ready to do whatever it would take to earn himself a spot on the Blackhawks' roster.

Tonight the 23-year-old forward will discuss that and more as Inside Look: Andrew Shaw debuts at 5 p.m. on Comcast SportsNet.

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But before all that, Shaw shared some fun facts that fans may not know about him.

"I'm actually a pretty friendly guy," he told the Kap and Haugh Show. "I've got a lot of good buddies at home, we like to joke around and have some fun. I'm really into country music — pretty simple guy I think, more of a blue-collar guy than anything."

Shaw has continued to pride himself on that blue-collar mentality as he keeps bringing that grit and high energy level to the Blackhawks' roster.

At the end of the day, he's grateful his time in the NHL finally came. He's proven his doubters wrong and continues to show the other 29 NHL teams just what they missed out on when they passed him up.

"I was thankful I got picked in the draft, I'd probably be working for the old man swinging a hammer if I didn't," Shaw said. "Nothing against it, but I think playing hockey for the rest of your life is a lot more fun and probably easier on the body."