April Rose previews new show 'Chicago Face Off' on CSN

April Rose previews new show 'Chicago Face Off' on CSN
March 5, 2014, 8:15 pm
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CSN Staff

April Rose joined SportsTalk Live today to discuss her new show "Faceoff," which will debut this Friday at 11 p.m. Rose will take you into the personal lives of Chicago's favorite athletes, putting them through a number of tests and challenges while also getting to know them.

"These guys are real people," she said. "And you guys hear the stats and watch the replays all the time; this show has nothing to do with that. They're real guys, they're representing Chicago and we really wanted Chicagoans to connect with their Blackhawk players.

Within the tests, questions and challenges come rewards and penalties. And if an athlete answers incorrectly....

"If they lose the challenge, I put them in a penalty box where I ask them interesting, awkward questions, and it's just a really fun show to connect with these amazing athletes that have personalities off the ice."

The Blackhawks' Brandon Bollig is up first, and Rose said the left wing was an absolute joy to speak with and get to know.

"Our first episode, Bollig's personality really explosive," she said. "He's very witty and just very fun and happy to be part of Chicago and is really into this city which is what I love about him."