Blackhawks' brand continues to grow in Chicago

Blackhawks' brand continues to grow in Chicago
June 30, 2014, 2:15 pm
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CSN Staff

The Blackhawks' popularity has grown tremendously throughout Chicagoland over the last few years, and now the team's brand has spread to drivers around the Windy City.

According to Crane's Danny Ecker, Blackhawks-themed license plates have seen a 39 percent surge since July of 2013, making them (by far) the most popular plates among Chicago teams.

Here's a look at the latest numbers:

Team No. of license plates Percentage
Chicago Blackhawks 13,803 up 39 percent
Chicago White Sox 7,622 up 36 percent
Chicago Bears 6,290 up 30 percent
Chicago Cubs 4,987 up 9 percent
Chicago Bulls 2,104 up 26 percent

Ecker points out, however, that the Blackhawks plates were in fact introduced to the public first, giving them a head start among the competition back in 2010 while others did not begin going on sale until the start of 2011. 

But since 2012, the Blackhawks have not only remained the most popular, but have continued to see the greatest increase within a year's time.

Each plate costs between $69 and $235, while $25 of each sale goes directly to benefit the Professional Sports Teams Educational Fund for Illinois public schools.