Blue-collar upbringing shaped Andrew Shaw into who he is today

Blue-collar upbringing shaped Andrew Shaw into who he is today
July 29, 2014, 9:00 am
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Andrew Shaw hasn’t forgotten the lessons he learned in his Belleville, Ont., upbringing, be it from the town’s working mentality — or his father’s putting him to work in the summers.

“I did all the brutal jobs, the jobs you pay a guy five dollars an hour to do,” Shaw told Pat Boyle. “As a kid I’d be carrying lumber, holding stuff in a pail. But I think it was good. It made me grow (into) who I am today.”

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Shaw talked of his blue-collar upbringing and how it shaped him with Boyle for an Inside Look, which will air at 5 p.m. Thursday on CSNChicago. For Shaw, life in Belleville (pop. 49,500) had its fun and its hockey. It also had its work. His father, Doug, a contractor, made sure Andrew always had that put-the-work-in mentality, and it resonated through the years.

“I always saw my dad work extremely hard for me and my brothers to play hockey,” Shaw said. “Just (to) have the average job, punch in at 7 in the morning, they worked hard and I think it wore off on me. I saw what it takes to get by in this world and I've always push myself to work as hard as I could.”

It’s a mentality that’s been evident in Shaw’s hockey career, from his Chicago Blackhawks’ debut until the present day. There’s been no such thing as settling and no such thing as being satisfied with where his game is at a given time. Work, work and work some more.

The big payoff came on June 24, 2013 when Shaw and the rest of the Blackhawks hoisted the Stanley Cup, the team’s second in four seasons and Shaw’s first. Shaw took that Cup to several places when had his day with it in Belleville later that summer. One visit was to a local hockey equipment shop and to its owner, who used to give the Shaws deals so they could afford Andrew’s hockey equipment.

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“He'd give us free skate sharpening, free sticks in there, you can't put a price on it, he always helped us anyway he could, so that's why I felt like I owed him, if it wasn't for him I don't know where I'd be as well,” Shaw said. “I've done a lot in my career, so I’ll continue to give back to him.”

Shaw will keep giving to Belleville and his family, since they both gave him plenty along the way.