Bolland: 'I want to rush back, I want to play'

Bolland: 'I want to rush back, I want to play'
April 11, 2013, 2:45 pm
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Dave Bolland had one light moment during his post-practice talk on Thursday, reflecting back to the Shea Weber howitzer that he blocked off his foot/ankle area that’s kept him out the last three games.

“He’s got a hard shot, about a 102 MPH shot. It goes pretty quick,” Bolland said.

Otherwise, the Chicago Blackhawks’ center sounded frustrated, fighting through another season of injuries that will cost him at least one more game.

Bolland said he was feeling better after Thursday’s practice, his first in more than a week. But he said he was still out tomorrow night when the Blackhawks hosted the Detroit Red Wings. It’s been another tough row for Bolland, who has also struggled with his second-line center transition. But being out completely has been worse.

“It’s never fun sitting out and watching games or getting skated out there. Even sitting at home and watching on TV… I try not to put the games on because you want to be out there playing,” he said. “Watching at home, you’re getting anxious. You want to be in there. For me, it’s just about making sure it’s healthy and being ready.”

Bolland said he’s focused on getting the strength back in his leg. He tried once or twice to come back after blocking that shot in that April 1 game, but he couldn’t. He did come back three days later against St. Louis but that may have exacerbated the injury.

“I may have aggravated it again. Things like that happening are always a pain in the ass: you’re ready and then it gets aggravated a little bit. It comes with the territory.”

Unfortunately, injuries have been part of the territory for Bolland for a while now. It’s been a frustrating chunk of time again. The Blackhawks didn’t rush Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp back from their shoulder injuries, giving them time to recouperate fully for the stretch run. But this is the stretch run, and Bolland wants to come back as soon as he possibly can.

“I want to rush back. I want to play,” Bolland said. “It’s never fun sitting out and watching games or getting skated out there (by yourself). For me, it’s coming back when I’m ready and being prepared to keep this winning atmosphere in the room.”