Bruins fan makes suit out of rally towels

Bruins fan makes suit out of rally towels
June 18, 2013, 9:45 am
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The rally towels you see in the air after goals aren't just made for twirling. They're made for wearing, too.

Boston fan, Ken Cruise, stitched together 27 rally towels to make the bright yellow suit (including the tie) he wore to game three last night.

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Cruise designed the suit two years ago when he collected the towels after a 2011 playoff game and now wears it to some of the Bruins' home games, including every play-off game last season.

After every time he wears the suit, he needs to repair it as stitches come un-stitched and towels shift.

As to why he decided to make the Rally towel suit (that is equipped with pockets and was signed by Bruins' legend Derek Sanderson), Cruise said it's just because he's a "big fan of the team".