Bryan Bickell becomes pita chef to raise pit bull awareness

Bryan Bickell becomes pita chef to raise pit bull awareness
March 7, 2014, 11:45 pm
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Nina Falcone

The Blackhawks had a little time to rest between Thursday night's win over the Columbus Blue Jackets and Sunday's game against the Buffalo Sabres. But Bryan Bickell took that time to roll up his sleeves and, well, make a few pitas.

"That was my first pita," he said Friday afternoon. "My hands were sweating and shaking, it's nerve-wracking."

Bickell and his wife Amanda held a fundraiser at Pita Pit to help raise funds for their foundation, which aims to help save the lives of pit bulls.

The Bickells' passion for the dogs began after they met a young pup that had been abused by its owner. Fast-forward a few years, and the same dog is a part of the family, now calling Chicago home.

Bickell hails from Ontario, Canada, a province that has an enacted a ban on pit bulls. The Blackhawks forward hopes his and others' efforts can help prevent a similar ban in the Windy City.

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"We adopted our dog, Bailey, eight years ago. We had her since she was five weeks old, and then the ban happened in Ontario and we fell in love with this dog, it's like a child to us," he said. "To make awareness and help this breed back home and in Chicago, I know it needs help here, too. We're loyal, and I think someone needs to stand up for them."

The Bickells continue to dedicate much of their time away from the rink toward this cause. It's something they're passionate about, and Bickell's teammates have had his back as he's hosted numerous fundraisers throughout the city.

So far, the numbers, the turnout and the support have all been there.

"It's been great, we had a great outing at Paris Club earlier this year," he said. "We had our whole team there to support. We're just trying to bring awareness to help this breed, the pit bulls, in Chicago and back home. (We) just want to help and show how friendly they really are."