Is it Stanley Cup or bust for the Blackhawks?

Is it Stanley Cup or bust for the Blackhawks?
April 14, 2014, 8:30 pm
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CSN Staff

Stanley Cup or bust.

That's what many observers are saying about this year's playoff run for the Blackhawks.

With the same host of talented players who hoisted hockey's ultimate prize a season ago, many think that without the same result at the end of the 2014 postseason, the campaign could be considered a failure.

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"Of course it is," the Sun-Times' Patrick Finley said Monday on SportsTalk Live. "I remember sitting here when the season started. ... We were talking then that it would be a failure if they didn't repeat, and I don't think they've done anything this season to make that any different. If anything, they've shown that they can be the best team in the world, and that would make it more disappointing."

"Absolutely it's a failure because of the standard they've set," Yahoo Radio's Jason Goch said. "They've won two Cups in four years, they're considered the class of the NHL. And when you're at that level and you have that young core, you need to set your goal: Anything other than a Stanley Cup every year is a failure. So, yeah, it's a failure."

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The Blackhawks kick off their next run at the Cup on Thursday against the Blues. Watch the video above for a full discussion of the upcoming series.