Is it time to rethink overtime in the NHL?

Is it time to rethink overtime in the NHL?
January 23, 2014, 6:30 pm
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CSN Staff

Should the NHL get rid of shootouts in regular-season games, or at least consider changing overtime?

CSN Chicago producers Tom Cooper and Danni Wysocki debated that earlier today in the AT&T U-verse Lounge, noting that this season more than 60 percent of the games that go to overtime eventually go to a shootout as well. With just five overtime minutes, there aren't ample chances for teams to light the lamp.

Wysocki said the answer is to increase offense by decreasing goaltenders' pads and widening the nets.

"You just need to make goalie equipment smaller and the nets bigger because the whole entire point of the shootout is to see skill, to see finesse players, to see wrap-arounds and dekes and spin-o-ramas," she said. "And by making the goal equipment smaller and the nets bigger, you are going to see that in regulation with overtime."

Wysocki admitted that she likes overtime, while Cooper said it just doesn't feel like hockey or the correct way to decide a winner after 65 minutes of fast-paced action.

"To me, that's not hockey," he said. "It's just a guessing tournament for the goaltender."

What would you change about the NHL's overtime/shootout rules?