Jets spoil planned 'Helmet Pardy' as Pardy downplays incident

Jets spoil planned 'Helmet Pardy' as Pardy downplays incident
November 21, 2013, 1:45 pm
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WINNIPEG, Manitoba — Adam Pardy doesn’t want to talk much about the Chicago Blackhawks fan who took his helmet after Brandon Bollig’s hit put him through the glass a few weeks ago. And the Winnipeg Jets have put the kibosh on an attempted “helmet night” to mock the event.

Pardy talked briefly about the night a Blackhawks 100-level fan took his helmet off after a Bollig hit on him knocked out a pane of glass. The Blackhawks immediately apologized to the Jets for the incident, which naturally has gotten a lot of web play.

“It’s just hockey and you get fired up. That moment there where something happens like that, it’s a little crazy,” Pardy said. “I’m sure it’ll be a highlight for a long time. But you put it to rest, move on.”

A Winnipeg radio station tried to fuel a helmet night — or as it called it, a "Helmet Pardy" — for which fans would wear helmets to tonight’s game against the Blackhawks. But the Jets snuffed that out on Wednesday, saying fans wearing helmets may not get into the MTS Centre.

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The statement from Jets owner Mark Chipman read:

“Earlier this week, we learned of a media-promoted stunt to have Winnipeg Jets fans wear helmets to the game on Thursday, November 21st versus the Chicago Blackhawks.

"I would like to let our fans know we in no way endorse this idea and in fact and wish to personally advise that we will not permit fans to wear such headgear at tomorrow’s game.

"I sincerely believe we have the best fans in the entire National Hockey League. Their passion for the game is unequaled. However, this is about professionalism and respect for our great game and for the NHL. These are principles we attempt to follow in all aspects of how we play and present the game of hockey. Adam Pardy exemplified these characteristics and I am confident Winnipeg Jets fans will display that same respect and professionalism this Thursday by refraining from participating in this stunt and not wearing helmets to tomorrow’s game.”

The statement also said that the helmet-grabbing fan also “extended a sincere apology to Adam and our organization.” Pardy didn’t want to get into detail on that, or on how well he handled the situation that night, which was lauded by both the Jets and Blackhawks.

“It’s one of those situations where it was chaos for a few moments,” he said. “We’re losing 4-0, everyone just ticked off anyway. We just wanted to get out of the rink and get back home. It’s just one of those situations that just happened that way.”