Keith, Toews address comments made towards Backes

Keith, Toews address comments made towards Backes
April 21, 2014, 12:00 pm
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Tracey Myers and Nina Falcone

The St. Louis Blues weren’t too happy about their captain David Backes being felled by Brent Seabrook in Game 2 of their first-round series on Saturday. They weren’t too happy about things said to Backes immediately after, either.

A voice is heard saying “wakey, wakey Backes” on broadcasts as a melee ensued after Seabrook’s high hit on Backes. Seabrook was suspended three games for the hit. Several Blackhawks were asked about it, including defenseman Duncan Keith.

“There (are) lots of things that get said out on the ice in the course of a hockey game, especially in playoffs. I'm an emotional guy. It's an emotional game. I don't remember everything that gets said out there,” Keith said prior to Game 3 on Monday. “I didn't even see the hit, to be honest with you. I'm playing the puck and I shot the puck around, and the next thing I know, I see Seabs getting in a fracas so I jump in there. I don't know what was going on."

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Jonathan Toews was also asked about what was said to Backes.

"I didn't say anything really… I don't know what he was feeling or going through," Toews said. "I guess you can kind of imagine seeing what he was like against the boards there. I think he was pretty fired up. He asked me to fight so that's the only reason I started talking to him. I don't really remember what my words were, but I think maybe some of their players thought we were trash talking him after the big hit, but I think we were just trying to clear everything and make sure we could move on from that play."

Toews was also asked specifically about the "wakey, wakey Backes" comment that was heard on the broadcast.

"I don't know," Toews continued. "Maybe some things were said in the heat of the moment. Most of that stuff goes unheard from the fans and the media. So it's not easy to not regret some of the things that might have been said. Sometimes that happens."

Some Blues were angry about the comments. Forward Ryan Reaves called it “gutless.” Others chalked it up to things said in the heat of the moment, and this just happened to be overheard by the microphones.

“That doesn’t matter. There’s gamesmanship,” Blues forward Brenden Morrow said. “I’m sure that wasn’t the worst thing said. It just wasn’t caught on camera. That’s the way it goes and we’re not going to react to that.”