Konroyd's Keys: Blackhawks-Blues, Game 3

Konroyd's Keys: Blackhawks-Blues, Game 3
April 21, 2014, 12:30 pm
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Steve Konroyd

1. Achievement, thy name is discipline. Discipline is what sets apart the best from the rest and has been a trademark of this Blackhawks team the last six years. It has not been evident in the first two games of this series. Yes, the St. Louis Blues are bigger and physically stronger than the Blackhawks. Who cares? That’s not how you win hockey games. The Hawks had to kill seven minor penalties and one major penalty in Game 2. That’s the equivalent of nine and a half penalties to kill, about six too many. Now is not the time to retaliate. Put one up in the goal column — that’s the best payback.

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2. More net presence, especially on the power play. The Hawks have had 10 power plays in this series on which they have mustered 10 shots. That’s 20 minutes of hockey, and they are getting their period average of even-strength shots. Shoot first, ask questions later, and let’s get some bodies in front of Ryan Miller. St. Louis has done a great job of boxing out our forwards in the crease, so get your hardhats on and fight for prime real estate in front of the Blues net.

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3. Forwards, your turn to score. The Blackhawks have scored six goals in the first two games. Not a bad number. The defensemen have scored five of those six goals, the forwards have scored one. Not a good number. That lone goal from the forwards came on a Patrick Kane breakaway back in the first period of Game 1. Fifty four shots by wingers and centermen and only one goal to show in 166 minutes of hockey. Need more from the highest-scoring team in the NHL, and they need it from their money players up front.