Sharp confident Olympics won't burn Blackhawks out

Sharp confident Olympics won't burn Blackhawks out
January 9, 2014, 12:15 pm
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Nina Falcone

The Blackhawks haven't had much time to lay low since the lockout ended a year ago. From the busy regular-season schedule to their long postseason run, the last 12 months have flown by, but the team has consistently said they wouldn't want it to be any other way.

Now that busy schedule is about to be taken overseas for nearly half the Blackhawks' roster as 10 players prepare to play in the Olympics. So, naturally, talks of whether the Winter Games could potentially burn the defending champions out have taken place, but Patrick Sharp can't see that hurting his team.

"I don't expect a burnout just because we have 10 guys going to the Olympics," he said in an interview with 670 The Score. "I think it's just gonna make us stronger.

"These are players that show up to training camp every season in great shape, we all care about our jobs and want to get better every season. That's all about being a pro. That's why I think the Hawks have been a good team for a long time. We're always trying to get better as an individual, as a team, and that filters through the team."

Sharp has a lot to look forward to as February approaches, but for now, he says he still has plenty of work to take care of with the Blackhawks. 

"It's very special, it's something my parents are thrilled about," he said. "They listen to the radio and turn on the TV and watch all the shows, they can't believe I finally got to that level. It's something I'll look back on, but for now I have 30 days to help win games for the Hawks."