Stanley Cup memories come rushing back to Blackhawks

Stanley Cup memories come rushing back to Blackhawks
March 27, 2014, 12:30 pm
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BOSTON -- The last time Andrew Shaw was in TD Garden’s visiting locker room, he was guzzling champagne and sporting a gash on his face that would be severely swollen by the next morning.

Considering what the Chicago Blackhawks had just done, however, Shaw could deal with the pain.

“After we won, who cares what you feel like?” Shaw said of that Game 6, when the Blackhawks beat the Boston Bruins and claimed their second Stanley Cup in the past four seasons. “You just created a memory you’ll have the rest of your life.”

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Those memories came rushing back to the Blackhawks on Thursday, when they returned to Boston for the first time since that sweltering yet jubilant June night. This game isn’t quite as monumental as that one, yet it still has its importance as the Blackhawks try to better their situation in the Western Conference standings.

Corey Crawford was also going down memory lane, especially when the team was headed to its hotel on Wednesday. Crawford came away from last season vindicated after hearing so much criticism, but that wasn’t what mattered to him.

“I think there’s more satisfaction working hard my whole career and making it to this level and actually winning. That’s more satisfaction than proving someone who really hasn’t played the game wrong or hasn’t been around to watch me in my career. It’s just about winning and enjoying it with my family and teammates. That’s what it’s all about.”

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Joel Quenneville had his moments, too.

“Certainly some great memories; a great night, an amazing ending and a lot of good memories for sure. We expect a dangerous team on the other side; (the Bruins) are playing extremely well. But we had good energy in the morning skate, for sure.”

That’s understandable. The Blackhawks need to channel that energy onto the ice and try to get on a winning streak again. Their opponent has had no problem in the latter category, as the Bruins rattled off 12 consecutive victories before they lost to Montreal in a shootout on Monday.

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The Blackhawks have their focus set for tonight: every point is critical at this juncture. But there’s no doubt they’re extra motivated by what they did here a few months ago.

“Obviously there are some good memories here,” Shaw said. “We want to keep them going into tonight’s game.”