5 Questions with...Tribune's Luis Gomez


5 Questions with...Tribune's Luis Gomez

By Jeff Nuich
CSN Chicago Senior Director of Communications
CSNChicago.com Contributor

Want to know more about your favorite Chicago media celebrities? CSNChicago.com has your fix as we put the city's most popular personalities on the spot with everyone's favorite local celeb feature entitled 5 Questions with...

On Wednesdays, exclusively on CSNChicago.com, its our turn to grill the local media and other local VIPs with five random sports and non-sports related questions that will definitely be of interest to old and new fans alike.

This weeks guest ... you know the guy that gets invited to all the cool club openings and gets to interview tons of film/TV/music celebrities when they come to town? Well, this is that guy. His About Last Night and About This Weekend celebrity media columns are a must-read in the Chicago Tribune for just about anyone who wants to know the inside scoop on the very latest celeb appearances happening here in Chicago ... a man who gets very little sleep with all those late nights, but definitely wouldn't trade it in for anything else, here are 5 Questions with ... LUIS GOMEZ!

BIO: Luis Gomez is the celebrity media columnist for the Chicago Tribune, penning the popular About Last Night and About This Weekend columns. His celeb interviews can take place anywhere from hotels, backstage or even on the red carpet, plus he provides readers with details of exactly where they hung out while they were in town.

Gomez parents were born in Colombia, but Luis was raised in the Chicago-area in Highland Park. Following his graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2003, he interned at the men's magazine FHM in '04. In 2005, he joined the Tribune sports dept. and extensively covered the MLS Chicago Fire, along with the entire 06 World Cup in Germany. He became the Trib's celeb columnist in 09 and hasn't looked back since.

1) CSNChicago.com: Luis, hope you're not too groggy from your latest celeb reporting adventures to be in the 5 Questions with spotlight this week. Here we go ... your About Last Night & About This Weekend columns are a lot of fun to read, especially for those of us who don't get to see Hollywood's finest up close and personal on a regular basis. Naturally, you must get inundated with requests to cover events/celebs when they're in town. How do you decide which ones to cover that would be of greatest interest to your readers?

Gomez: When I first started this job, I went to everything I could, but I burned out after a while. Now I'm more selective. I choose the events and interviews that I think Tribune readers will find interesting. I take into account whats popular at that moment (why else would I do all these Twilight interviews?!) and which celebs have a local angle (if Common, Jeremy Piven or Kerry Wood are hosting a charity event, Ill probably cover it).

Every now and then, Ill pick interviews I find interesting, like when I interviewed Michael Kenneth Williams because I'm a huge fan of The Wire. I should point out that the colder months in Chicago are a different story. Fewer celebs are here, which means I cant be as selective.

2) CSNChicago.com: There has to be at least one or two celeb interviews you conducted where in your mind you were saying to yourself, I cant believe Im actually interviewing (THIS person). Very curious to know who those people were.

Gomez: That thought rarely crosses my mind during the interview. Im usually too busy thinking about the next question or my tight deadline. For example, Johnny Depp is my favorite actor, but I was too busy thinking about how I needed to file my story in less than an hour when I interviewed him at the Public Enemies premiere in Chicago. It usually doesn't hit me until after the interview.

In 2007, I interviewed Dan Marino, my childhood idol. I wore his jersey for days at a time as a kid and had a life-size cut out of Marino in my bedroom throughout college (how that wasn't a deal breaker, I'll never know). I figured if ever I was going to get nervous during an interview, Marino would be it. But once the interview started, all I thought about were my questions and his responses. I was even pretty nonchalant about the whole thing on my drive home as well. It wasn't until I got home and checked my email that the moment really hit me: His last name was my password.

3) CSNChicago.com: Sports fans may know this fact about you, but many others may not: you changed your last name from Arroyave to Gomez. Why the surname switch?

Gomez: While growing up, most people mispronounced my first name (its Luis, not Louis or Lewis) and nearly everyone mispronounced my last name. By taking my Mom's last name, I solved the latter issue. I also now hear more people pronouncing my first name the correct way. I'm guessing its because they know Gomez is a Latino last name, so they realize my first name is likely pronounced the Latino way.

4) CSNChicago.com: As big of a city as Chicago is, which includes a roster of some huge stars from here, we have very few celebrities that actually live here. Truth be told, our local celebrities really do tend to be the professional athletes from our teams here in town. With that said, who was/is your favorite former or current Chicago pro team athlete that you really have a good time hanging out with after hours?

Gomez: The only Chicago athletes I hang out with outside of an interview setting are past and present Chicago Fire players. But when it comes to hanging out during an interview, I've had a good time with Kerry Wood. I think it's because Wood reminds of the good old days when I used to be a huge Cubs fan (I was crushed by the Cubs playoff collapse in 2003 and never recovered). He's also pretty easy going and doesn't seem to take himself too seriously. Plus, he's a guy's guy. And considering I often interview teeny bopper actors and reality TV stars for a living, that's a nice change of pace for this former sportswriter.

5) CSNChicago.com: We have just a couple months left of summertime partying fun Luis -- quick, off the top of your head, what three bars/clubs should we hit up before the leaves start falling around here?

Gomez: Believe it or not, I only go to clubs for work reasons (or because my friends want me to help them get in). Ive always been more of a bar guy. Here are the three bars where you'll find me when I'm not working:

Innjoy: Not only do they play 80s and 90s music, but they also have slam dunk contests and WWF matches from that era on the TVs.

Merkle's: If I'm in Wrigleyville, I'm at Merkle's. They play sports with volume (which is never a given at sports bars) and have great wings. I also like the atmosphere on Friday and Saturday nights.

The State: Best place to watch football. Tons of TVs. Tons of eye candy. And it doesn't hurt that its a University of Wisconsin bar.

BONUS QUESTION! CSNChicago.com: Anything you'd like to promote Luis? Tell us ... CSNChicago.com readers want to hear about it.

Gomez: You can read my celebrity interviews and sightings on my blog, which only features celeb news that is Chicago-related ... if you want national celebs news, you can watch Entertainment Tonight. And if you want to hear about celeb sightings and filming in Chicago as they're happening, follow me on Twitter.

Gomez LINKS:

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Carmelo Anthony, on the potential for a Bulls-Knicks rivalry: 'We embrace that'

Carmelo Anthony, on the potential for a Bulls-Knicks rivalry: 'We embrace that'

The Bulls and New York Knicks may not be favorites in the Eastern Conference this season, but the myriad storylines between the two teams could create a rivalry.

"I know you guys want that. I know you’re living for that," Carmelo Anthony told reporters at Thursday's USA Basketball practice at the United Center. "We embrace that."

The obvious connection between the two teams stems from the June trade that sent Derrick Rose to the Knicks in a five-player deal. Rose, a Chicago native, spent the first eight seasons of his NBA career with the Bulls. Less than a month later free agent Joakim Noah joined Rose in New York, signing a four-year deal with the Knicks after nine seasons with the Bulls.

The Bulls courted Anthony in free agency two summers ago, only for the future Hall of Famer to re-sign with the Knicks on a five-year, $124 million deal. Anthony is a close friend of fellow 2003 draftee Dwyane Wade, who signed with the Bulls on a two-year deal and was introduced by the team on Friday.

Both the Bulls and Knicks were aggressive this offseason in an attempt to get back to the postseason. In addition to signing Wade, the Bulls also drafted Michigan State's Denzel Valentine and signed point guard Rajon Rondo to a two-year deal. They also added Robin Lopez and Jerian Grant in the Rose deal.

The Knicks didn't stop after dealing for Rose, signing Eric Gordon, Brandon Jennings and Courtney Lee as free agents.

The Bulls and Knicks will meet four times in the regular season, and Anthony said he'll embrace the competition between the two teams.

"I think as players, as competitors," he said, "we embrace all of those challenges and rivalries. And that’s what makes the sport great again."

See what else Anthony had to say, including his experiences with Team USA, in the video above.

Rich get richer as Buckeyes land another elite quarterback recruit


Rich get richer as Buckeyes land another elite quarterback recruit

Urban Meyer seems to firmly believe that it’s impossible to have too much of a good thing.

Ohio State hauled in its latest top-flight quarterback recruit on Friday, earning the commitment of Class of 2018 four-star signal-caller Emory Jones, who’s ranked as one of Rivals’ top-100 recruits in the class.

Jones’ commitment is a big deal and a big get, but this is hardly anything new for the Buckeyes, who have landed one highly ranked quarterbacking prospect after another in recent years, meaning Meyer has an overflowing stockpile of quarterbacks on his hands.

Jones in the Class of 2018 joins a pair of fellow future Buckeye quarterbacks in Tate Martell and Danny Clark. Martell is the top-ranked quarterback in the Class of 2017, and Clark isn’t too far behind. Dwayne Haskins Jr., a five-star commit, comes to Columbus this fall. Last year’s recruiting class featured Torrance Gibson (also a five-star recruit now labeled a quarterback/wide receiver on Ohio State's roster) and Joe Burrow. The year prior brought Stephen Collier, who if not for an offseason ACL tear would be J.T. Barrett’s backup this season.

And don’t forget that Barrett is still just a redshirt junior, allowing him to return for his senior season in 2017.

All in all, it means Meyer is going to have quite the quandary on his hands involving the quarterback situation a few years down the road.

Sound familiar? Meyer didn’t have the best go of things attempting to juggle Barrett and Cardale Jones last season and only avoided a three-way headache when Braxton Miller moved to wide receiver.

Logically, it wouldn’t seem that all of the aforementioned guys would stick with Ohio State, likely opting for a chance at a starting job elsewhere rather than serve as backups for their entire — or even just the majority of their college careers.

But it’s true also that the Buckeyes have relied heavily on backup quarterbacks over the last three seasons. Prior to last season’s indecision at the position, Barrett took over for an injured Miller, and Cardale Jones succeeded Barrett when the latter suffered a season-ending injury in the regular-season finale, leading the Buckeyes to a national championship. And in 2013 — when Miller was the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year — backup Kenny Guiton still managed to pitch 14 touchdown passes in limited time.

Regardless of any future headaches, though, this squarely falls into the "good problem to have" category.

28 Days to Kickoff: St. Charles North

28 Days to Kickoff: St. Charles North

CSNChicago.com preps reporter "Edgy" Tim O’Halloran spotlights 100 high school football teams in 100 days. The first 75 team profiles will focus on teams making strides across Chicagoland and elsewhere in the state. Starting Aug. 1, we’ll unveil the @CSNPreps Top 25 Power Rankings, leading up to kickoff on Friday, Aug. 26. You can view Edgy Tim's other football previews here.

School: St. Charles North

Head coach: Robert Pomaczak

Assistant coaches: Dan Meyo (assistant head coach), Brian Flynn (offensive coordinator), Rick Magsamen (defensive coordinator), Tom Poulin (special teams), Jeff Petersen and Joe Nemetz.

How they fared in 2015: 7-3 (4-2) Upstate 8 River Conference. St. Charles North made the Class 7A state playoff field and lost to Benet Academy in opening-round action.

Biggest storyline in 2016: Is this the year that the North Stars win the Upstate 8 River conference?

Names to watch this season: WR/TE Griffin Hammer, OT Isaac Hawn

Biggest holes to fill: Can the North Stars find some answers in the defensive backfield after graduation losses from this past spring?

EDGY's early take: St. Charles North, with 13 starters returning, has continued to take positive steps under Pomaczak. North has the makings of doing some big things this fall, however playing both Batavia and Geneva on the road in Weeks 8 and 9 is an enormous task to say the least.