Analyzing NFL playoffs: Packers vs. Giants

Analyzing NFL playoffs: Packers vs. Giants
January 15, 2012, 4:45 am
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As the Bears walk through their hiring processes general manager, passing-game coordinatorQB coach the NFL has some business to do this weekend. The games dont involve the Bears but there is rarely a game played somewhere that doesnt have something of interest for the Bears.

Besides, theyre worth analyzing, too. The home teams won all four of the wild-card games and all four will win the divisional games as well (this isnt home-field-advantage thing, incidentally teams have home games because they have better records because they actually are better):
New York Giants at Green Bay Packers (Sun. 3:30 p.m.)

The Packers are the gold standard for measuring the Bears, ostensibly the main reason Jerry Angelo was fired as general manager. They dont run the ball as well as the Giants, who remain one of the more enigmatic NFC teams out of the most enigmatic (and over-rated) divisions in the NFL.

But get beyond the dizzying statistics. The Giants rush the passer as well as the Bears wish they could with a front four, and they have returned to running the ball, and that is what helps keep your offense on the field and the other guys off it. Green Bay, like the New England Patriots, has been masking serious problems on defense.

The Giants, even with their pedestrian 9-7 record, are a better team. They have a top-4 quarterback, running backs, good receivers and a pass rush. Still, the Packers in Green Bay simply win. This will be dangerously close but
Green Bay, 24 New York, 20