And the winner isMoon's Bears-Vikings prediction

And the winner isMoon's Bears-Vikings prediction
November 25, 2012, 1:56 am
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Again in the interest of accountability and because I think the Bears will win even with a revamped offensive line and post-concussion quarterback I will stay with my preseason forecast for the Bears-Minnesota Vikings game this Sunday. Right now they are at the record (7-3) I expected through 10 games even it the Tennessee and San Francisco results played out differently than clairvoyance anticipated.

Heres how it looked going into the season:

Week 12: Minnesota Vikings (3-13) Sun., Nov. 25, noon

Analysis: By this point Adrian Peterson should be a factor although not likely to the level hes been in years past. The O-line will be better with LT Matt Kalil and QB Christian Ponder should take a big jump in year two. But the talent is still not enough to end Bears five-game win streak in this rivalry.

Result: W (8-3)

I was right Peterson isnt at the level hes been in years past. Hes better. His 5.8 yards per carry is the highest of his career and he already has 150 more yards in 10 games than he had in 12 last year before the knee injury.

Kalil is better than advertised, it thats possible for a No. 4-overall pick; one sack allowed through 10 games.

Ponder remains a true variable, not unexpected for a second-year quarterback. But his completion percentage (65.2) and passer rating (85.2) are up dramatically and interceptions down sharply through the same number of starts (10) as he had all last season.

And his team already has won twice as many games as it did all last season. But Sundays will not add to that total.

Bears: 20 Vikings: 14