Bates not passing game coordinator? Curious

Bates not passing game coordinator? Curious
February 7, 2012, 6:13 pm
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Recently published reports stated Jeremy Bates would not be considered for a position on the Bears' coaching staff, but today Bates was named the team's quarterbacks coach.

What's curious about the announcement is that Bates wasn't given the title as passing game coordinator, at least in the Bears' release to the media.

It's hard to imagine he was hired for any other reason than he has worked with Jay Cutler in a system in which Cutler flourished. I don't know much about Bates, but he should be allowed to devise a passing game that suits Cutler's talents.

Taking plays that they ran in Denver and inserting them into the Bears offense should be the first order of business. The person that needs the most comfort in an offensive system is the quarterback. Plays, routes, checks all need to be second nature and this could be the long-term solution to allow Cutler to reach his full potential.

I like the fact the Bears hired someone that has worked directly with Cutler. Bates understands what he's getting into when it comes to Cutler's personality, and it's hard to believe previous reports that Cutler and Bates have a strained relationship, otherwise he would not have been hired.

Just curious why Bates doesn't have title of passing game coordinator.