Boden: Trestman's coaching staff is hardly hibernating

Boden: Trestman's coaching staff is hardly hibernating
February 11, 2013, 1:00 pm
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Publicly, it's the quiet time for NFL teams. Privately, especially for the eight teams under new head coaches, it's as busy a time as ever, even with nothing notable on the so-called "calendar."

For those Bears fans wondering why there was a huge introductory party for Marc Trestman on January 17th, and not a peep out of him since, it's because his coaching staff's eyes are bloodshot from breaking down every play of every game last season. That makes this quiet time the most important time in determining how they move forward with their 2013 roster. They can't determine what to look for at the Combine in 10 days, the opening of free agency March 12th, and the draft April 25th through the 27th before knowing exactly what they have, don't have and what they can and can't fix.

The most important of those decision-makers is Aaron Kromer, Trestman's offensive coordinator and linemen coach. His predecessor - if not in title last season - Mike Tice, was generally regarded as one of the better ones in the league. But Kromer's left Tice in the dust the last few years. He had five different linemen in five years in New Orleans make the Pro Bowl (totaling nine berths). He's in the process of deciding who he can coach up, whom he can't, the best positions for those he wants to keep and targeting the draft or free agency for what's left.

The Bears of Trestman won't necessarily "get off the bus running." You won't hear him say that. Trestman's and Kromer's linemen - whoever they are - will fit in with the quick drops you'll see more frequently than runs into the center of the line, but must be capable of doing both. Does that include Gabe Carimi somewhere, and how much slack will the final pick of the Angelo regime be given since he truly has just one season of playing time under his belt? Is J'Marcus Webb his left tackle? Is J'Marcus Webb his...anything? Where does Roberto Garza play and will Lance Louis' knee be ready for one of the guard spots?

The same is going on with every other position coach. They're poring over, not speaking out. Unfortunately, we have to wait at least another month from Tuesday to begin to find out what they're thinking.