Cutler, Marshall in Denver: We were terrible

Cutler, Marshall in Denver: We were terrible
May 23, 2012, 8:27 pm
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Jay Cutler was a Pro Bowl quarterback with the Denver Broncos in 2008. He passed for more than 4,500 yards.

Brandon Marshall was a Pro Bowl receiver that year. He caught 104 of Cutlers passes.

The Broncos offense was No. 2 in yardage that season.

As far as Marshall is concerned, so what?

Everyone said we were really successful, and even we walk around sometimes saying it, Marshall said. But when I look at film now, I think we were terrible, and I say that humbly.

We were just young and immature out there on the field, not understanding the big picture of the offense and the game itself.

Marshalls is arguably the best assessment of meaningless achievements to date. Pro Bowl selections are voted on, not won on the field. Stats are one thing; finishing 8-8 after standing at 8-5 is quite another.

And Marshall appears to have far less interest in accolades than in accomplishments.

We made plays. Four thousand yards -- on paper and compared to everyone else around the league, thats good, but when you look back on it, we left so much on the field. So its hard for me to say that things worked.

To see where were at now, where our football mind is now, its going to be really dangerous, he said. Im excited to really fall into this offense with a new mind.