Draft 'math' works for Bears

Draft 'math' works for Bears
April 26, 2012, 11:40 pm
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When you draft No. 19, it can be difficult to target a specific player, and GM Phil Emery said this week that the Bears had a core of seven players they were considering in that No. 19 range.

This means the draft could be setting up very, very well for the Bears.

Heres the deal:

There are 18 teams picking before the Bears.

Indianapolis and Washington already have their picks; that leaves 16 teams.

Between Alabama running back Trent Richardson, LSU cornerback and Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon, thats three more. Assume USC tackle Matt Kalil going somewhere in that front six, whether to Minnesota or not. That leaves 12 teams.

Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill has been all but picked by Miami at No. 8. Thats 11 teams.

Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly is top-15 by all accounts, maybe top 12.

That leaves 10 teams before the Bears who are varying degrees of unknowns. And thats without factoring in Notre Dame wideout Michael Floyd, at a position the Bears dont regard as a hafta (as in they hafta get a tackle).

The Bears have seven players they are OK with at No. 19. Seven players, maybe nine slots open.

Thats a good spot to be in.