Kip Lewis sounds off on NFL rule changes

Kip Lewis sounds off on NFL rule changes
March 20, 2013, 5:15 pm
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So after seeing the new helmet contact rule, I get it, but still believe it will be very hard to regulate. It is going to be a judgement call. The rule implies that a player can't use the crown of his helmet in the open field.

Hitting with the face mask and hairline of the helmet is allowable and won't be deemed a penalty. As I said before, the problem is when you lower your shoulders, the head comes with it. Should make for interesting calls next season.

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As for the Tuck Rule, it no longer exists. When a QB brings the ball down and loses it, the play will be ruled a fumble. This was one of the dumbest rules ever implemented by the NFL. In any other circumstance, when a player has control of a ball, then loses possession, it was called a fumble. It should have always been that way for quarterbacks.

I was at the Raiders-Patriots game in 2002 and saw the most famous Tuck rule called. I remember thinking the Raiders got robbed. I was working in Boston and covered the Patriots at the time and even people there were amazed by the call.

It will keep QBs on their toes next season and protection up front will be even more important.