Lewis: Can Bears follow Ravens' path?

Lewis: Can Bears follow Ravens' path?
February 5, 2013, 11:00 am
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Near the end of the season, I had a discussion with someone who said Jay Cutler was a much better QB than Joe Flacco. Hmm...I wonder if that person feels the same way today.

I really like Devin Hester, but to hear his recent comments -- "I just wasn't feeling it. My mind wasn't there the majority of the time" -- was a huge disappointment. It's not a winning attitude and if I was his teammate, I wouldn't want to play with a guy with that mentality. Unfortunately, it probably is time for Hester to get that change of scenery he talked about. A message has to be sent and a foundation has to be laid for what new head coach Marc Trestman wants from his players.

If Cutler plays the way he has in the past two seasons, I firmly believe that 2013 will be his last in a Bears uniform. Franchise QBs have to produce on the field and have to be able to lead and get teammates to rally behind them, something Cutler has been unable to do in his four seasons with the team. If that doesn't make sense, look at RG3, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and Joe Flacco. All young QBs that have quickly earned more respect that Cutler.

There is talk the 49ers could actually keep Alex Smith as the backup for next season because they can afford it under the cap. That may be true, but you can't pay your backup 13 times more than the starter that led you to the Super Bowl. Kaepernick is scheduled to make in the $600,000 range with Smith due over $8 million.

Looking at the Bears' opponents next season, it's hard to see them in the playoffs in 2013 with the way the team is currently configured, what they may lose and what they still need.